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Valley Gone MAD...

Mad with development, that is. So says Here in Van Nuys (now featuring a sidebar picture of an actual Van Nuys resident) which takes readers on a drive-by of new developments springing up from NOHO to Van Nuys. We're also thrilled to hear that that cheap-ass looking Mediterranean/Tuscan style architecture has gone out of style in the Valley.

Compared to a few years ago, the residential buildings are now predominately modern and less pseudo-Mediterranean. The "Dwell Magazine" influence has crept eastward like the fog from Venice and Santa Monica. It is now settling in the San Fernando Valley where polyurethane balustrades, mouldings and Grecian architectural details once ruled. The mixed-use NOHO Tower, pictured above, is scheduled for completion in the Spring.
· Selected Architectural Tour of LA: December 2005 [Here in Van Nuys]