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Thursday Breakfast Linkage

Sweet Mary! Sometimes we hate being a real estate centric blog because it forces us to read stories about REITs and the mind-numbing statements like this one in regards to a story on the sale of Arden Realty: "They would not have to worry about the Sarbanes-Oxley costs, and if the buyer includes someone like GE, they would also have access to lower cost debt." Which gets us to the story's point, that someone is buying Arden Realty, Inc. for close to $5 billion, in a deal that would instantly make the buyer one of the largest owners of office buildings in Southern California. Hoo-haw.
· Arden To Go Private in $5B Sale [ via a reader tip]

We've been quite busy as of late and have failed to pay proper respects to The Hollywood Machine with a linkage to his blog (now featuring a headshot). Ergo, we link to his listing of "5 more bad things about living in the Valley." THM has also made it to C-List on Blogebrity. Damn, who do we have to sleep with to get on that list?
· 5 More Bad Things About Living in the Valley [The Hollywood Machine]

Speaking of lists, the Venice Paper produces the "15 Developments that Rocked Our World." Number one on the list is the election of Councilman Bill Rosendahl to represent the 11th District. Others making the list include: developments that magically have "no significant traffic impacts;" RAD Development breaking ground on Dogtown Station (gnarly); and a boom in development along Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Special mention is given to Curbed LA's patron saint, Councilman Jack Weiss, for berating old people.
· 15 Developments that Rocked Our World [VENICE paper]

An editorial in the Santa Monica Mirror finds nothing cute or adorable about developers messing up the Westside. Gated Communities. Boo! Playa Vista. Boo! AIMCO. Boo! Mega-condo complex at the corner of Wilshire and Santa Monica. You heard us, Boo!
· Does L.A. Really Need Developers? [Santa Monica Mirror]