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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: A Downhill Trolley

1) A reader is curious about the Hollywood trolley mentioned on Another reader answers: "Okay, I found the entry on, and it is, in fact, what I thought it was. A bus for clubgoers. But this blog entry is undoubtedly full of hot air. It claims "100 year old vehicles" will be plying the Boulevard and these are "the same ones used on Angels' Flight." This is patently ridiculous, since a) those vehicles are being rehabbed to go back to Angels' Flight when it reopens, and b) those vehicles are DIAGONAL, and can't possibly operate on a flat street! Even if they converted them to buses! I have no idea what they're talking about there, but somebody got their wires completely crossed. It's gonna be a bus that just looks like a trolley car, I'm telling you. There's no rails or trolley wire being reinstalled on Hollywood Boulevard." We also mentioned this (Item 3) last month.

2) In regards to the residential at Dixie Canyon and Ventura in Sherman Oaks, a tipster says: " I believe the Sherman Oaks site is a new Laing Urban condo development- could be wrong though. Should be nice and rather pricey. They are tearing down an Italian restaurant- may be Maria's Kitchen or something like that. No takers on the second question about Best Buy.

3) In regards to the Century City property at 10000 Santa Monica (aka 10000 Millenium Plaza), that's been gutted, stripped and is going nowhere, we're not sure of the status as of this very moment, however a teaser on the LA Business Journal Online should answer your question: "Demolition Sparks Lawsuit Explosion - Larry Taylor’s hard-nosed tactics to redevelop 10000 Millenium Plaza in Century City has led to a saga of litigation." Litigation tends to stop stuff.

4) A curious reader wants to know what's getting built next to the Director's Guild in Hollywood. Readers answer: "It was slated as a new Courtyard by Marriott. The other hotel developments (the W, etc.) are in the City of West Hollywood. This is in the City of L.A. So we may not need additonal hotel rooms, but each City wants its piece of the Transient Occupancy Tax!" AND "For the building next to the DGA, the Guild was telling their members that it will be a mixed use residential/retail complex. I think the Guild owns the land, they own their current building. Don't know what the stores will be yet. -DGA member" AND from the horses mouth, the DGA Monthly: "The 7950 property, currently a vacant parking lot across the street from Guild Headquarters, has been leased by the Guild to Legacy Residential Partners for a mixed-use development that will contain approximately 180 high-end residential apartments situated over street-level restaurants and retail stores."

5) So you want to see a picture of the Santa Monica College Performing Arts thingy, eh? Click and scroll to your hearts content. Pics of construction. Pics of art. Pics of design. Here's a nice one.

6) A reader wants to know about the Raymond Laundry in Pasadena. We found this document (PDF) on-line from the City of Pasadena, dated September 2005, that says the 443 Raymond Avenue site is under going design review for eventual conversion to 48 residential units.

Yet more questions? Haven't had enough. Want answers? We'll post your q's next week and attempt to answer... email us