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Let's Chat About The Bradbury Building

The day will come when we podcast to you. Until that day in 2012 please read on and partake in other's who have jumped into the podcasting realm. For instance, Ted Wells of Ted Wells living:simple, a small gem of a Web site, with Ted audioblogging on architectural and design issues. The December 1st entry took a look at one-hit wonders in the architectural world, including George Wyman who designed The Bradbury Building, known for its stunning interior (pictured), featured in the movie Blade Runner. The nondescript exterior gives way to a wrought-iron masterpiece on the inside, highlighted by light from the translucent glass roof. Fortunate for us, The Bradbury Building was the apex of Wyman's career. Unfortunate for Wyman, he relied on the dark arts (err... a ouija board) to reach said apex. George Wyman was never heard from again.
(picture from Great Buildings Online)
· Bradbury Building & Hallidie Building: Architecture One Hit Wonders [Ted Wells living:simple]