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Frogtown: A Lesson in Geography

An angry reader vomits all over our in-box upset about our mention of Frogtown last week. He apparently takes issue with the description used on the LA Learning Exchange Web site that places Frogtown in Taylor Yard:
Whoever said some people refer to Frogtown as Taylor Yard needs to start checking his facts. Anyone who refers to Frogtown as Taylor Yard shouldn't be quoted on a city information site. Frogtown is another name for Elysian Valley. Across the L.A. River from that neighborhood is the Southern Pacific Railroad's Taylor Yard in Glassell Park, much of which is being converted into Taylor Yard State Park, with other goals as a possible high school site and a river reclamation area. Frogtown and Taylor Yard are not only divided by the L.A. River, one is residential and the other is a railroad yard, so there's really no way to confuse the two. Got that everyone? Now let's put the Frogtown issue to rest and never discuss it again.
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