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Rumblings and Bumblings: In no particular order

[These questions will test your knowledge and ours. You have until Thursday to answer. Ready, set, go!]

1) Hollywood: "Not sure if I have misspelled it using the search engine for the site but I happened upon a story on's blog about the trolley that should begin service on January 6th in Hollywood. Is this really happening?"
2) Valley: "Is the residential at Dixie Canyon and Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks anything cool? Or just another apartment complex? Also, I'm trying to find any updates on the new controversial Best Buy on Van Nuys that SOHA fought so hard against."
3) Century City: "...there is a building in Century City that I believe most recently was where Fox Sports was located, although the building was originally built to house the offices of LA architect, Welton Beckett. Anyway, the building has been completely gutted and stripped of its skin. It seemed like it was going to be torn down but the floors and the supports have just been standing there naked for months. What's the deal?"
4) Hollywood: "...what is being built on Sunset Boulevard right beside the Director's guild? Someone who lives in that area told me they thought it was yet another hotel. Between that, the W in Hollywood, the residential boutique hotel on Holloway, the W on the Strip and the new hotel in Beverly Hills that is being built, do we really need all these hotel rooms in this area?"
5) Santa Monica: "I live across the street from Santa Monica College's Madison campus (11th St., between Santa Monica Blvd, and Arizona). They're building a giant performing arts center, and I would love to see a sketch or a model of what the finished building will look like."
6) Pasadena: "The Royal Laundry on Raymond Ave. was converted to a creative office park years ago. I've heard rumors of a condo conversion and they've been doing some soft demo over the past month but I haven't seen word of it mentioned anywhere in print or online."