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Buzz Rider

CityBeat writer Donnell Alexander hits the MTA party bus train and "Goes Metro!" in the good name of drunkery. Making a path from Highland Park to Long Beach and back up again using only public transit to visit transit accessible bars is quite a feat and of course requires one to drink in transit too.

Drinking on the train is a critical, albeit controversial, part of public transit barhopping, especially if you harbor Long Beach ambitions. Luckily, on this afternoon my southbound Blue Line train featured chaos such as street vendors selling Magnum condoms, howling insane people, and borderline child abuse, not to mention an array of profoundly bad hair weaves. Aside from the occasional sheriff’s emissary, not even the cowed airport commuters were really checking for me and my booze. That's freaking great. Next thing you know you'll be able to take the train to other places you want to go, like the airport or the beach. Someday...
· Buzz on the Tracks [Los Angeles CityBeat]