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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Streets and Red Cars

1) A reader was concerned and agitated by early morning street repairs near his home in the Miracle Mile. We suggest a phone call to the Street Resurfacing and Reconstruction Division of the City's Bureau of Street Services. Contact info is available on the City's 311 Web page. Give them hell, but nicely.
2) Regarding the resurfacing of the Red Car system in LA, we've heard that a study on bringing the cars back has been funded. We attended a meeting in the Spring for Downtown's Parking and Traffic technical committee, or some such thing, where the Red Car was discussed briefly. Basically, routes need to be figured out and the problem of eliminating street parking in some areas may upset downtown residents and businesses. Also, a reader emails that the powers that be are considering buses that look like rail cars instead of the actual Red Cars on rails. Be forewarned, they'll study it until its dead.
3) In answer to the KorAtlas project in Silver Lake, a reader says the project is designed by RSA Architects. Nice picture of the Sunset Silver Lake project at 4111 Sunset Blvd. above.

Keep sending those questions, folks.