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Unoccupiable House a Bargain for $7.9m

What unspeakable forces could force a $12 million, nearly 15,000 s.f. Glendale home to a asking price of only $7.9 million? Would you believe the Glendale Department of City Planning? Because it exceeds the city’s 8,000 s.f. limit for dwellings, the 8bd/9ba El Tovar Mansion, complete with elevator, maid’s quarters, wine cellar, pool, rose garden and tennis courts is ineligible for occupancy. The hassle of arranging for the certificate of occupancy led current owner Rahim Karjoo to put the house on the market in December 2004 for $12 million. Karjoo purchased the home in 1996 for a cool $1 million. Now, the house is listed for $7.915 million.

Inspired perhaps by Halloween and the Day of the Dead, LAT tells the gruesome story of the El Tovar mansion in all its gory detail: violated building permits, thwarted zoning codes, political corruption, NIMBY protests, the whole macabre works. Buyer beware!
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