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Silverlake Unaffordable? Blame New York.

The LottaLiving Forum gives us two posts from one discussion, the rare two for one find. Silverlakers being driven from their neighborhood by high rents now have someone to blame - the New Yorkers. A former waitress at Eat Well offered her friend a first person account of the invaders in Yankee caps.

She used to tell me about the conversations she would hear from the people eating there. Almost everyday she would hear at least 2 conversations between visitors from NY who read about Silverlake in some magazine like The New Yorker, Rolling Stone or whatever...most of the time they mentioned the restaurant too....
Most of these people complained about living in NYC for $2000 a month in a 400 sq ft apartment...voila, they come to Silverlake, and they can rent a 1000 sq ft apartment for half that, which, for someone like my friend, who has been a resident there for like 15 years, was "expensive", but to some yuppie making 80K a year, was a "bargain".
Deciding not to be a victim any longer, the quick thinking waitress did the only thing she could to save her neighborhood from becoming the sixth borough.
She got to the point that she started telling NY'ers that the next cool neighborhood was "Palms" and that they should move there...
Ahh, one neighborhood selling out the other. That's the LA we love.
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