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Monday Morning Linkage

The argument continues over the success/failure of the Orange Line. State Sen. Richard Alarcon wants to halt service until a fix has been found to the crashy busway. Some Valley residents are content to take their chances.
· Jury's still out on busway [LA Daily News]

LAUSD is putting up a whole lot of buildings. Now they're asking for more money to "finish the job." You didn't think the books to go in those buildings were going to pay for themselves, did you?
· Voters to Decide on $17 Billion in Bonds, Los Angeles Tops List [Bloomberg]

LAX, a past target for terrorists, is preparing for what may come in the future by looking into shatterproof glass and speedier lines to reduce the chance for a strike on travelers waiting in long lines. Charming.
· Seeking A More Secure LAX [LA Times]

The West Side, now with a population the size of Salt Lake City, held a summit to talk about itself. The good news: there's lots to do on the West Side and Yahoo! is moving an office to Santa Monica. The bad news: traffic and housing. Same old, same old.
· Summit sizes up West Side [Daily Bruin]

San Bernardino is joining the mixed-use crowd, and now it seems all of the Inland Empire is catching on. Developers "sense" a demand for well-planned, walkable communities. Plus, they can sell the new new-urbanist units at a premium.
· New Urbanism [Press-Enterprise (subscription)]