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Hollywood Sign Gets A Scrubbing

Hugh Hefner, arbiter of boobies, declares it the Eiffel Tower of Los Angeles. The sign that has lured thousands of midwestern runaways for generations is due for a good cleaning, and now thanks to a couple of San Diegans (that's south of the 10, we think), the Hollywood sign on Mt. Lee will be getting a thorough whitening and rinse starting next week, all at no expense to you the taxpayer.

This will be the first major renovation to the sign since 1978. However, the sign has undergone several not-so-legal or just plain lame changes in the recent past:

...a great deal of interest has been shown in some of the times that the Sign was unofficially altered. Some of the more famous illegal modifications have included:
HOLYWOOD - September 1987, for Pope John Paul II's arrival
OLLYWOOD - July 1987, during Iran-Contra hearings
CALTECH - May 1987, on Hollywood's 100th birthday
RAFFEYSOD - January 1985, meaning never determined
GO NAVY - November 1983, before a game at the Rose Bowl

HOLLYWEED - January 1976, noting new state marijuana lawChanging the sign is considered illegal and dangerous. And even hikers are discouraged from getting near the sign. Also, looking at the sign for too long causes eye cysts.
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