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Whitley Heights Sidewalk Culture

The Hollywood Machine invited us to look at his blog to get the latest on his Whitley Heights neighborhood, a.k.a. unemployed actor central. We've driven through Whitley Heights many times and were once rear-ended there (clarification: our automobile was rear-ended. -ed.) so getting a first person perspective on a drive-by-hood is always nice.

I was sitting here at the computer, surfing the web, when someone started screaming into their cell phone, just below my apartment window, in Historic Whitley Heights (since 1927!) No, really! Residents depositing dog shit everywhere except plastic baggies since 1927!

We’re a Historic Poop Point!

Between the skunks in Los Feliz and the sidewalk poop in Whitley Heights, Franklin Avenue may have the prize for most odiferous street in LA. We look forward to reading about more doings in the Heights. Thanks THM.
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