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Thursday Morning Linkage

· Day Three and two smash-ups on the Orange Line already. Both were caused by driver error, however Zev Yaroslavsky is calling for the buses to slow down. Let's hope this isn't the start of a trend.
13 injured in Orange Line Accident [KTLA-TV]
· J.H. Snyder Co. is the front runner to lead the CRA's efforts to redevelop a couple of properties in Mid-City. The proposed redevelopment project will take some blighted areas and transform them into affordable housing and commercial developments.
CRA Taps Snyder for Adams Project []
· Long forgotten, one-hit wonder, Reggie the Alligator is getting close to going into deep sleep for the winter. Alligator wranglers at the LA Zoo say that if they don't catch him soon he'll go into hibernation, only to resume terrorizing the City in Spring 2006.
Machado Lake alligator soon will begin winter hibernation [Daily News]
· Columbia Square on Sunset is being abandoned and the fate of the historic Hollywood landmark is up in the air. The LA Conservancy is hoping to transform Columbia Square, along with the nearby Hollywood Palladium, into an entertainment complex.
Hollywood Radio Star Threatened [Preservation Online]