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North Koreans Unimpressd by LAX Hotel

You really have to have one shitty hotel not to impress the North Koreans, however the Crowne Plaza at LAX managed to do just that.

The bed was comfy, and like all the other furniture in the room was virtually new. The bathroom was immensely spacious, again well decorated with plenty of lighting and bench space. I needed to catch up on some work so I went to set up high speed Internet access. It didn't work, so I telephoned downstairs, they said an engineer would be sent up. After a while I telephoned again, and they said he was on his way... I returned to the room and retired only to realise the sound-proofing at the hotel was virtually non-existant. This was unusual for an airport hotel, as most of them have all windows double-glazed. The hotel window looked out over the terminal, and some of the planes taking off and landing were quite loud as far as noise went.

Our North Korean friend also went to the hotel bar where he observed a waiter overwhelmed by five customers. Only in America. Pyongyang never looked so good.
· Hotel Review: Crowne Plaza, Los Angeles International Airport [North Korea Times (no joke)]