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Rumblings and Bumblings: You are So Busted

[These questions deserve answers, man. If you have some send them in.]

1) Miracle Mile: "I live on the corner of 8th and Spaulding Ave and they have been doing repaving for the last few weeks (1st 8th St. and now Spaulding). The problem is they are starting to work well before 7am. Today the first truck pulled in somewhere around 5:30am and by 6:00am there was plenty of truck movement, talking and prep work and by 6:30am they just couldn't hold off and they were at almost full steam. I'd like to complain to the right person(s) as I don't understand why they have to get a head start on the day when they finish by 1pm or 2pm.
2) Downtown-City: "What ever happened to the Red Car Concept of bringing back the Red Car in LA. Have you heard about this????"
UPDATE: Just under the wire.
3) Silver Lake: "do you guys have any info on who designed the koratlas development in silverlake? its under sunset on myra."

That's all the questions we got for this week. Slow week? Too much turkey? Try harder.