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Red Line Extension Gets New Life

The Canyon News reports that the MTA's Red Line extension to the sea has cleared further hurdles and has now advanced in the preliminary planning stages.

The project’s first stage would add underground transport along Wilshire Boulevard from Western Avenue to Fairfax Avenue. Later stages of the project would ultimately link Beverly Hills with the coast.

While subway plans have been reconciled, a number of obstacles remain in the project’s path. MTA has yet to add the proposal, which would cost $200 to $300 million per mile, to their long-range plan. Once a route is selected, MTA will take another two to four years for engineering and environmental report approval.

As the Skunks of Los Feliz notes, a report from an independent peer review board stating that the pockets of explosive methane gases lying below the Wilshire corridor could be safely tunneled around, has helped push the project forward.
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