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Rumblings and Bumblings: Hooray for Hollywood (and Santa Monica)

Questions? Answers? Please speak loudly into the email box, It's free!

1. Hollywood. I heard that the CIM group is supposed to be converting the tower at the corner of Sunset and Vine into lofts. Is there any truth to this? I had read that several years ago there was a severe electrical fire that rendered the building uninhabitable. And then as recently as three months ago or so, there was another fire, this time on the roof. I work in Hollywood and we could all see smoke billowing from the top of the building. Are these visions of highrise loft living just pipe dreams? That building seems cursed.
2. West Hollywood. I was wondering if you knew what is being built on the west side of La Cienega just a little north of Fountain. Whatever it is, they are using giant wooden beams and columns with huge cross braces. It sort of looks like the entrance to a mine shaft. Is this part of that big Sunset Millenium complex that is going up on the strip?
3. Hollywood. Do you have any insight into where the Whole Foods is going to go in the eastern part of Hollywood? it seems to be the cocktail party conversation/conjectural item du jour. I hear: a) it's going to be at Hollywood & Vine, somewhere in one of the big spaces between the DMV, Pantages, & the Henry Ford Theater. b) from the guy behind the seafood counter at the Whole Foods at 3rd & Fairfax "It's gonna be at Hollywood & Western is what I heard" c) The flyer for a townhall meeting about the proposed mixed-use development at Hillhurst & Los Feliz had an architect's rendering of the building with a Whole Foods on the first floor.
4. Santa Monica. What is ever going to go into the swimming pond (at least when it rains) at 26th & Santa Monica, across from Allan Jeffries framing? Also, there are two new developments on the northern end of Main Street, Santa Monica, one where the Pioneer Bakery used to be. What are they? Any low income housing? Is this too many questions? If so, bite me (kidding).
5. Hollywood. I see that [the Palisades Development Group] are also behind that loft conversion in Hollywood across the corner from the Broadway building that the KOR Group is doing. I was on the interest list for the project and got an update months and months ago and now suddenly nothing seems to be going on with it. Do you know what the hold up is? The website has a section on the project and even features unit floorplans, but they look like they were scribbled on cocktail napkins.
[Answers delayed until Friday, for observance of Thanksgiving.]