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Meet Me on Dicks Street

Some residents of West Hollywood's Dicks Street are requesting that the street's name be changed, because like, uh-huh...huh, huh... like it says "Dicks." Towleroad finds the idea of changing the name of the street just ridiculous:

[Residents would] like to rename the street Dickson. I mean, would you want to live in a 24-hour porn video? Because apparently living on Dicks Street causes the mind to think naughty thoughts all the time.

Alan Shatkin and his chihuahua Pepe think the change idea is ridiculous as the street's name has not impacted the property values, Dicks Street has been documented in books, and it's been that way "for, like, a century."

West Hollywood has no official method for changing street names so as it stands, Dicks will stay put.
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