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Tuesday Afternoon Linkage

Beware! The cameras are watching us again. The City has signed a new contract to run the cameras that will watch us as we speed through red lights, even if we have a good excuse. You can't argue with technology.
· Smile, Citizen! Red Light Cameras Are Back in L.A. []

More than $230,000 in claims have resulted from the massive power blackout that affected half of the city's population in September. DWP, in addition to paying out claims, must deal with their own infrastructure repairs totalling in excess of $600,000. People Victims are filing claims for broken computers, DVD players, TVs, air conditioners, and a host of other items, as a result of the power surge/outage. We doubt anyone will take advantage of this. Not in LA. Never.
· Claims mount from outage [Daily News]

USA Today, America's newspaper of record, does an in depth piece on kitsch-culinary establishments in the City. The "programmatic architecture" sprung up around America's car culture, and now some of these establishments -Tail o' the Pup, The Derby - are threatened with demolition.
· L.A. culinary icons add dash of kitsch [USA Today]

The proposed multi-billion dollar, 11.5 mile tunnel under the Santa Ana Mountains has earned the ire of southern Orange County land developers and city leaders who don't want to see a mass of cars from the Inland Empire spilling into their pristine neighborhoods. The "terrible tunnel" as it has been called is getting support from Riverside County residents and leaders. The unbuilt hole has now turned into a fractious issue among politicians in the area, causing grief for many. We say kill the hole before it kills us.
· Tunnel Foes Digging In for Battle [LA Times]