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School Descends on Echo Park Hood

LAUSD is on a building spree. Everytime we get excited about a construction site, hoping against hope that they're building a Whole Foods, we're quickly disapointed to find another school. Stupid book learnin'. An astute reader, who may be irate, we can never tell, emails about LAUSD's plans to knock down some of those charming single-family bungalows in Echo Park in order to build another school:

No newspaper but the Garment & Citizen has covered it so far, but the LAUSD is ready to descend on a little corner of Echo Park and evict 55 families from their homes so the district's crack school-builders can erect another elementary school...

Question: Once these poor people have "agreed" to sell their old houses to the LAUSD -- the alternative, of course, is to not agree, and watch the LAUSD seize their houses anyway -- even if they could find new places to buy in their neighborhood, would they be able to afford their new property taxes? We guess, probably not. Way to go LAUSD.
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