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Lincoln Place Tenants Get Temporary Relief

The Venice Paper reports that Lincoln Place tenants have won a ten-day reprieve from being evicted from their homes thanks to some political help. The Paper reports:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and District 11 Councilman Bill Rosendahl won a 10-day suspension of the eviction of Lincoln Place tenants that were posted this week, according to Rosendahl's office. The assurance that "lock outs" would be delayed came in a conference call that included Villaraigosa, Rosendahl and AIMCO President and CEO, Terry Considine, along with AIMCO Senior Vice President Patti Shwayder, late Friday afternoon.
AIMCO has not agreed to reenter into negotiations so the plight of the tenants - have we mentioned they're old and disabled people? - is still up in the air.
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