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Curbed LA Goes to the PE Lofts

Friday was the 100th anniversary of the Pacific Electric Building. Dignitaries from all over the place City Hall were in attendance for a swanky little party, as were we, drinking the tasty champagne and rank wine (blech!). Pacific Electric is the newest loft development in a downtown full of new loft developments, and is magnificently glorious, we guess.

The 100th Anniversary also coincided with some sort of Grand Opening thing too, although we heard that there was a raucous party a few weeks ago for that event. LA Cowboy gives the low-down on the food situation:

No buffet tables, but lots of excellent finger food and lots of networking; by 4 PM anyone who was too busy to talk on the phone that afternoon just said - I'll see you at the party.

And everyone did.

We were dissapointed by the lack of buffet, too. And the Mayor was late. Boo!
· More Free Food At PE Lofts! [LA Cowboy]