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Orange Line: Beating Expectations or Super Failure?

Not even a week has gone by and the boosters and doubters of the Orange Line are out in full force, looking for any hint to the success or failure of the multi-million dollar busway.

...some transit advocates and riders have criticized the MTA's reduction of some regular bus service elsewhere to help fund the Orange Line's operations, including shortening some routes and forcing passengers of regular buses to make more transfers, including to the busway. The mainly empty parking lots along the busway, they say, is a sign that most of the Orange Line's riders are already transit users — who are simply shifting from one bus to another.

Come on people. Get a grip. It's day two since they started charging fare. You're going to make Zev Yaroslavsky cry if you keep this up.
· Busway's 1st Weekday Surpasses Goal [LA Times]