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Transit! Transit! Transit!

It seems like one of those day when everything you read is about transportation. Today's New York Times talks up LA's transit oriented developement (TOD) which is sprouting up at rail stations all over the place. Pasadena's Del Mar Station designed by Stefanos Polyzoides, "a leading proponent of the planning movement known as new urbanism," gets special attention.

...Del Mar Station is still under construction. But it is considered so promising that the developer, Urban Partners of Los Angeles, one of 11 companies that bid on the site, sold the complex this year for $134 million to Archstone-Smith, a real estate investment trust, after receiving an unsolicited offer. Tenants - presumably made up of people who do not mind living in close proximity to warning bells from approaching trains - are expected to begin moving in early next year.

Let's hope the MTA has learned from past mistakes, and indeed, has made sure these new tenants don't mind a little ring-a-ding-dingling at all hours of the day.
image credit: Moule & Polyzoides
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