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MTA's Bogus Journey to San Dimas

It really sickens us to think that despite our years of higher education, the only thing we can think of anytime we hear about San Dimas is "Bill & Ted." Curse you Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. Back on topic, we hop on board the transit horse once more. Seems San Dimas residents are totally not ok with the Gold Line extension making a stop in their family oriented hood. Imagine the traffic nightmare if mass transit actually made it into the area.

Residents were upset that the station was proposed to be built on the Henkels and McCoy Inc. property that sits inside a residential area, and said it would ruin their quiet neighborhood.

"I grew up in South Los Angeles and I didn't have the opportunities I am able to give my son today like riding a scooter or his bike or taking a walk down the street," said resident Maria Gomez Lizardo. "With the rail station coming through town we won't be able to do all these things because of the congestion."

Some residents would rather not have the Gold Line stop in San Dimas at all, since stations in nearby Glendora and LaVerne are also proposed. Dude, that is totally heinous.
· San Dimas votes down station site [San Gabriel Valley Tribune via Skunks of Los Feliz]