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WEHO Street Signs Get the Heave Ho

West Hollywood business owners along Santa Monica Blvd. are in a tizzy. The CIty has begun cracking down on "sandwich board" signs, or "A-frame" signs, as they're commonly known, that are placed on sidewalks advertising wares for the nearby shops.

Perry Meeks, owner of Steel Blue Clothing off Kings Road on SMB, told that he objected to the fact that valet parking companies use the boards and that “street peddlers are allowed to lay out their wares on the sidewalk in front of [Bank of America]. By taking away the signs, the city is destroying part of what makes it so charming,” he said. “The city’s losing its quaintness..." The CIty recently began enforcing the 2001 Ordinance banning the A-frame signs to the chagrin of business owners who rely on the boards to attract business. The rationale is to keep sidewalks clear for pedestrians and the handicap. Business owners hope to work out a peaceful resolution with the City, but in the meantime have found alternative solutions to advertising in the sidewalk.
picture credits: Ryan Gierach
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