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Countdown to Walking

We've been downtown day after day over the last few weeks and have taken notice of the recent appearance of the countdowns that let us know how much time is left before the light changes and we're forbidden to walk. The LoftAppeal boys noticed the same thing and posted to the Newdowntown listserv:
Has anybody else noted the new pedestrian signals going up around downtown? The new signals with a pedestrian countdown are up an Fig. and the intersection of 1st and Main... I hope they are going up everywhere through the historic downtown area. Next I'd like to see some of the no right turn signs come down. They also made reference to some transportation strangeness:

By the way has anybody noticed the really bizarre one-way sign on the NW corner of 5th and Grand? The street is one way to the south, but it's 2-way on the north side of the intersection. The sign is obviously on the wrong corner. It makes you think you can't turn! Maybe DOT guy is listening ;) Another thing I just find outrageous. Why does Rite-Aid leave the cases of soda out on the floor warm, but the 12 packs of beer in the cooler....

Okay, that last part really has nothing to do with Downtown guys. But it is a good question.
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