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Hollywood Sign For Sale

Just as the Hollywood sign on the hill is getting gussied up, the original sign, removed in 1978 for something a little more sturdy, is going up for sale by its owner, according to the LA Independent.

“Unless someone puts the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower up for sale, you’re not going to have another chance to buy another major landmark like this,” said Dan Bliss of Santa Monica, who posted the sign for sale last night on the Internet.

Opening bid on the auction is $300,000.

So far, no bidders. We're not sure what you can do with the Hollywood sign. I mean you could buy the 'H' and use it to build a swing. But the 'D'? What a waste. You can't do anything with a 'D'.
· Original Hollywood Sign on Sale on eBay [LA Independent]