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The Sherman Oaks Blog

For the love of the Valley, now in addition to a blog in Van Nuys there's a newby in Sherman Oaks. Our last report on Sherman Oaks involved disturbing speed bumps which upset an area neighborhood. In the Oaks reports on the latest Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council meeting, and we can't get enough:

· Mail theft is becoming a recurring problem on Ventura Cyn. Rd. Also, someone in a red car of some sort is going around and going through people's trash. I cannot repeat this often enough (though a first on this blog), buy a paper shredder with cross shredding action.

· Speaking of scams, I've heard more than once that the "Cat in the Yard" scam is occuring with frequency in Sherman Oaks. Someone will knock on the door, usually very pleasent looking, sometimes with a child, saying that their cat ran away into your backyard. As you bring them back to your yard, someone else robs you.

Don't confuse the Cat in the Yard scam with the "Child in the Well" canard, which involves someone knocking on your door with a nice looking cat, saying their child fell down your well. We hear that scam is happening in Panorama City.
· Nov. SONC Meeting [in the oaks...]