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FEMA & Laguna Kiss and Make Up

We here at Curbed are obsessed with Laguna Beach for all the right reasons. It's truly not MTV's facile but addictive pseudo-reality show. Well, maybe a little bit. But it's more about the Riviera-esque landscape and Craftsman beach bunaglows populated by a peculiar mixture of "artistic types" and OC Republicans. We've eaten up this summer's drama about who will pay for homes damaged in May's Bluebird Canyon landslide. First, FEMA was all "No way!", and then Laguna was like "Whatever!", and then Diane Feinstein was like "FEMA, you'd better like totally reconsider your lame-o decision." In any event, this must be the season finale, since the issue has been tidily wrapped up with a federal grant to help rebuild damaged homes.

If only it could be so easy for Talan and LC.

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