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Pretty Pictures of Virtual LA

We haven't visited the UCLA Urban Simulation Team web site in a while. We always end up in seizures on the floor from looking at all the pretty computer generated pictures of LA. Everything is so clean and shiny in virtual LA. Explanation via the Project Team Web site:

...the Urban Simulation Team at UCLA is a long-term effort to build a real-time virtual reality model of the entire Los Angeles basin for use by architects, urban planners, emergency response teams, and government entities. The Team has already finished major sections of the city including downtown, the Pico Union district, El Pueblo, Mid-Wilshire, Wilshire-"Miracle Mile", LAX, Westwood, UCLA, Hollywood Blvd. and Vine St., MacArthur Park, Playa Vista, and a portion of South Central. Negotiations are currently underway for other areas of the city. You can now watch flyovers of First Street (Windows Media) from Mariachi Plaza to Disney Hall, or of a proposed parking garage (Windows Media) and redevelopment options for the area north of downtown. Our funky internet connection takes forever to load the flyovers so we'll just have to imagine. Won't you imagine dirty free Los Angeles with us?