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Rumblings and Bumblings: LA's First Messy Stab

[Rumblings and Bumblings, a tradition started in New York, much like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and mafia weddings, is a weekly feature in which we run reader questions about neighborhood doings on Tuesday and try our darndest to answer them on Thursday. We'll even think about picking up the phone and calling someone if we're stumped - reader input is welcome.]

West Hollywood: Our first R&B featured reader types "...have you heard anything about what is being built on a vacant lot at the corner of Holloway Drive and Hacienda Place, one block east of La Cienga? There had been a building there that was recently (and very quickly) torn down and now there is a construction fence painted the color of Pepto Bismol surrounding the site. They seem to be digging down quite deep. I thought I remember hearing that it was supposed to be a boutique hotel but the site seems sort of small. I was just wondering if you'd heard anything." [Of course we know what's being built there, but we can't tell you until Thursday.Tee-hee.]

Construction in your neighborhood? Want us to help find out the scoop? Email Cross-streets and digi-pics are most welcome too!