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Tuesday's Santa Ana Windy Linkage

The Hollywood Machine's half-naked British neighbor continues to aggravate him. Whitley Height's war of attrition continues with no end in sight.
· Don't DO IT, British Balcony LOVER!!! [The Hollywood Machine]

The Daily Breeze finds general support from the South Bay locals to keep the "Millie Riera Seafood Grotto" sign on Pacific Coast Highway in some shape or form. The sign located in Redondo Beach advertises a long gone restaurant with a "wiggling fish" on top. City planners are hoping to find a compromise between restoration and removal. Good luck!
· Most readers prefer keeping historic Millie Riera sign [Daily Breeze]

Hollywood Blvd. cameras are taking aim at criminals, loiterers, etc. Local buisiness leaders are expanding the use of police monitored cameras along Hollywood Blvd. "at La Brea Avenue and between Gower and El Centro avenues, Yucca Street and Cahuenga Boulevard and Selma and Shrader avenues." LAPD claims a drop in crime where other cameras are installed along the famous boulevard. Loiterers be warned.
· Hollywood Cameras Take on the Bad Guys [The LA Independent]