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Monday Afternoon Linkage

What's new? People can't afford homes. Oh, you heard that before? Us too. But the Daily News has another story on it just in case you forgot.
· Californians priced out of home market [Daily News]

Fag hags are invading WeHo looking to adopt a gay friend. They're straight, single women and apparently they're moving into the gay hood in droves.
· Straight and Female in WeHo: Frustration or Freedom? [WEHO News]

High-rise condos are changing the face of Orange County. Middle-age empty nesters are leaving their huge homes and moving into new condo towers that have recently sprouted up in the middle of suburbia. A resident declares Irvine to be a mini-Manhattan. That's stretching.
· View From Above [OC Metro]

A poster on the SkyscraperCity Forum finds devine intervention in the construction of the 55-story Hilton Hotel at LA Live. Is that an angel? And if so, what does it all mean?
· LA Live Update [SkyscraperCity Forum]