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Fight for Lincoln Place Continues...

The on-again, off-again deal to keep Lincoln Place tenants in their homes is off again. AIMCO, heartless developer du jour, has called off negotiations and intends to evict the residents of the historic Venice apartment complex. The newest eviction date is November 14th. VenicePaper reports,

...Jan Book, a Lincoln Place tenant and attorney working on the tenant’s legal team, said that the [Los Angeles County Sheriff] is in possession of paperwork which would notify tenants that they have five days to vacate their apartments before their locks are changed. After the five days, sheriffs may forcibly remove residents. This paperwork is slated to be served on an initial batch of twenty-four Lincoln Place households. According to Book, she has been told by the sheriffs’ office that they anticipate posting the five-day notices beginning Monday, November 14. Councilman Bill Rosendahl's office has been working furiously to work out a deal before the grandma's and artists-in-residence hit the curb. The Mayor says he's following Rosendahl's lead.
(picture credit: Kathleen Herd Masser, Santa Monica Mirror)
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