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Homeless May Find Homes In H'wood; Neighbors Say Nuh-Uh.

The CRA has purchased a 12-story apartment building in the heart of Hollywood from Holywood Presbyterian Church. The property, at the corner of Hollywood and Gower,will be redeveloped (torn-down), and in its place the CRA hopes to place permanent housing for the homeless in the area. Neighbors are less than thrilled.

Opponents argue the area is already overrun with homeless, drugs, crime and social services. “The neighborhood already does too much,” said Hollywood resident Missy Kelly. “Let’s spread the wealth around. Let them run their program somewhere else. Let’s see how another neighborhood welcomes them.
While "spread the wealth around" is a poor choice of words, Missy Kelly appears to share the feelings of several neighborhood organizations who plan to fight the development. The CRA hopes to start receiving bids to manage the homeless housing by January, with development bids following shortly thereafter. Construction on 50 units of homeless housing is targeted to begin in 2007.
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