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Laura Chick Sticks it to Planning

Auditor extraordinaire Laura Chick has another hit on her hands. The plucky City Auditor has taken to task the morass of bureacracy at the Planning Department.

“My audit of City Planning found an agency cast in a time warp of past practices, old procedures and outdated technology,” Chick said in her audit cover letter to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and members of the City Council. “Of the over 90 audits conducted since I became Controller, there is not a more striking example of an organization stuck in the past than this one.”
Most importantly, Chick found that when developers pay to have their cases expedited, things do get expedited, and the City makes money. Which is a good thing. So let's do more of that. Good.
· Update: Chick Audit Critical of Planning Department [Los Angeles Business Journal]