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Hello From Curbed Los Angeles

In the land of movie magic and make believe we're all brought back to reality once we hit the traffic on the 405, pay our mortgages and rents, or when the dust finally settles and we realize that there's an 8-story condo where our favorite neighborhood haunt used to be. This is the changing face of Los Angeles. A young city bursting at the seams—not enough housing, too few lanes on the freeway, and everyone wanting to be somebody.

Today we introduce Curbed LA, an offshoot of the popular New York City real estate and neighborhood blog. From the O.C. to Chatsworth and everywhere in between, we'll look at the changing face of our fair city and its suburban extensions. Through you, the reader, and you, the blogger, and you, the disgruntled city staffer, we'll try to piece together a picture of a city changing faster than we can type.

So today, a group of humble urban planning and real estate-obsessed ne'er do wells embrace the blogging world with little more than our laptops and an ear for sass. We hope to become a daily read for you and a regular contributor to the dialogue of a changing Los Angeles. We rely upon your tips to lead us to hot properties, new developments, celebrity neighbors (especially bad ones), restaurant openings, neighborhood brouhaha's, and the latest on your commute. Please email your tips (we'll keep them as anonymous as you want to be) to and we'll roll from there.

The Curbed LA Team