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Desmond Goes Condo

Legacy Partners is in the planning stages to convert the Desmond Tower, former home to the old-timey Desmond's Department Store, into 164 condominium units. The $150 million project, scheduled to begin Summer 2006, promises to restore the art-deco tower to its former glory. The Miracle Mile landmark will join the nearby Mullen & Bluett project (5570 Wilshire), also by Legacy, which will transform demolish the original art-deco structure to build 197 condos and 34,000 square feet or retail.

The LottaLiving Message Board got a tad bitchy when J.J. Abraham, Legacy Vice President of Development, popped in to discuss the projects:

jabraham: "Feel free to contact me directly with any concerns." Lynxwiler: After ignoring the many letters and phone calls I've sent to your office J.J., I'm surprised you're suddenly communicative. What's the change J.J.?

As for my opinion of the highrise you're planning in the Miracle Mile, it hasn't changed since you proposed it to the Miracle Mile Residential Association (MMRA) in July. It's too big. Period. What you wish to construct is so enormous that it will swallow the historic Wilshire Tower until it is nothing more than a hood ornament for your condos.

I also have issues regarding your promotion of fake Art Deco architecture, not just on the Wilshire Tower site, but next door at your soon to be demolished Mullen and Bluett building. The Miracle Mile is full of lovely Art Deco architecture which your company, Legacy Partners, Irvine, wishes to muddle by constructing a Roaring '20s theme park of overscaled, fake Art Deco on two blocks between Burnside and Ridgeley Drives.

A Roaring 20s theme parK? Hot Dog! Someone get Disney on the phone. This couldn't possibly be any worse than California Adventure.
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