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Angry Derby Crowd Meets Hapless Developers. Hilarity Ensues.

It was only a matter of time before Adler Realty reps met the angry mob of Los Feliz citizenry. The Save the Derby Blog has the low-down from the October 26th meeting

From the beginning of the meeting it was apparent that the property owners severly underestimated the local residents opposition to building an 81 luxury condo development with retail stores. Concerns were "loudly "voiced regarding Traffic congestion and by local building owners afraid of loosing their tenants during the construction process. Others not able to hold their frustration yelled out calling the plan Crazy and Insane. While others watched on. I have to say I actually felt a little bad for the Adler Reps who were visably shaken and at times appearing to shrink behind their displays and into the back corner of the room. At the meeting, the Adler reps indicated they've decided to scrap the original plans to include a supermarket in the project, and may, after all of this, work to keep the original Derby building. And yes, we did order our Save the Derby T-shirt.
· Oct 26th Adler Realty development meeting! [Save The Derby Blog!]