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Grand Ave Project: A Glut of Parking

Bert Green posts to the Bunker Hill Park Blog a comparison of two Related Co. projects generating a lot of attention. The first being the proposed Grand Ave project Downtown and the other being the newly completed Time Warner Center in New York City. The Grand Ave project, as proposed, would provide 4,000 parking spots. By comparison, the Time Warner Center only provides 500 spaces. So what's the problem? As Green puts it, why all the parking for Grand Ave? We're supposed to be creating an urban center for LA, but instead we're creating another suburban mall.

Fuh. Until the Metro system gets a bit more expansive allowing people to move in and out of Downtown sans car, the parking will probably be needed. Maybe the City can put parking structures adjacent to stations so we can park and ride when a station isn't close enough to walk to? That makes too much sense.
· This is not exactly about the Park... [Bunker Hill Park Blog]