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Element Reopening = More Laguna Beach Kids + Nicole Ritchie + Lohan

Last weekend, too-trendy-for-you nightclub Element reopened and the craziness was put pen to paper pixel to screen by LA.Comfidential. Apparently 1,000 starf*ckers waited in line only to have La Lohan pull a Moses and part the throngs so she and her posse could gallup through. Inside she spent quality time with rail thin Nicole Ritchie, who was celebrating a birthday or something. Also, in da hiz-ouse was Kristin of "Laguna Beach" & Matt Leinart fame.

Meanwhile, our favorite "Laguna Beach" diva Kristin Cavalleri spent the night ignoring her reality-show cast mates [so] she could make out with her "Prince of Malibu" Brody Jenner. God bless you LA.Comfidential. You never fail to deliver the goods.
· Happy Bitchday, Nicole! [LA.Comfidential]