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Wednesday Foggy Morning Linkage

· Hordes of invading Mongols white people are threatening to overrun Chinatown, ruining the ethnic enclave's ambience.
Chinatown in for a change [Daily Bruin]

· Northeasterners and high-brow academics accusing Los Angeles of being the result of sprawl have it all wrong. Los Angeles isn't sprawling. Try looking in the mirror Boston and New York. Dorks.
L.A., the king of sprawl? Not at all [LA Times]

· If you hadn't noticed, the Valley is no longer the punchline it used to be. We got mass transit (okay a bus) and a museum for children. What's happening in the 909? Nothing.
Valley pride. Say it loud: We're Vals and proud of it! [Daily News]

· Talk of the Saints moving to LA is just talk. Screw Tom Benson. The Mayor's saying we'll see football at the Coliseum in 2009. The league has sent the Coliseum a draft lease. Fifty-four left hand turns are being added in the area to improve traffic flow. Announcements pending??
Talks of Landing Saints Softened [LA Times]