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Lincoln Place Tenants are Fightin' Mad

Lincoln Place tenants and their eviction lawyer went before the City's PLUM (Planning and Land Use Management) Committee yesterday to try to put a stop to the planned eviction of residents from the historic Venice apartments this Thursday at 9am. The elderly and artistic residents spoke before the Committee to try to gain some sympathy. Developers plan to redevelop the apartments into luxury condos. Even Bill Rosendahl spoke on their behalf, but Jack "The Bulldog" Weiss was less appeasing (surprised??), accusing the so-called "preservationists" negotiating with the developer, AIMCO, of trying to save buildings and not people. Weiss suggested that the tenants accept the offer that AIMCO had put on the table. The AIMCO offer provided relocation housing, but as tenants vigoursly noted, allows the company to reneg on the deal at any time should the project, for any reason, not be completed.

Will we see sherriff's deputies kicking grandma's onto the street Thursday morning? Should be interesting.
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