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Mariska's Klassy Kolonial For Sale

Trolling the open houses of the rich and famous, Defamer uncovers this gem: $2.7 million worth of Spanish Colonial "boring" currently owned by Law & Order: SVU's Mariska Hargitay.

Ms. Hargitay inherited her rockin' bod from parents Jayne Mansfield (the low-rent Marilyn Monroe) and Mickey Hargitay (the proto-Ahnold). She also got the house from pops - he built it for her in the early '80s, well before the ca$hmoney from SVU started rolling in.

And we've heard tell that the place is less than totally posh:
The only “swank” feature is the requisite bachelorette “speakers in the walls in every room” for those “girl’s night” parties - no Viking, no Sub-Zero, no pool, no fine finishes. Instead we’ve got “take your shoes off, new Berber carpet” signs and wallpaper printed to look like books in book cases and lamps with leopard-spot shades. What gives? Is this all hederitary fame amounts to these days? Kitchen appliances from Sears and lighting from and Frederick's? We can scarcely imagine the Nelson brothers' homes.

·Mariska Hargitay's Classy Home in the Hills [Defamer]