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Orange Line Can Kill You. Yes You. Look OUT!!! Arghhh!!

Okay, you've been warned. And warned again.They're really serious this time. The Orange Line is set to start normal operations this Saturday, October 29th meaning that high-speed 60-foot articulated buses will now be speeding from one end of the Valley to the other. Officials are warning drivers and pedestrians to be aware that certain death lurks in every corner as the Orange Line plows through the Valley unabated.

Unlike commuter train lines, however, the Orange Line has no crossing gates to block vehicles. There are traffic signals, but officials warned drivers and pedestrians to slow down and exercise greater caution along the new busway as it cuts through intersections, creating additional crosswalks and often eliminating right turns on red lights. "When people are in a hurry they become more careless. They become unobservant of the safety signs and thus they present themselves as a hazard to other people," [Sheriff Lee Baca] said...

"Pay attention to the red lights, pay attention to all the traffic signs posted at the intersection," [Mayor] Villaraigosa said.

Now when the Orange Line mangles you, you'll have no one to blame but yourself.
· Careless Drivers Face Stiff Fines Along New Busway, Officials Warn [NBC4-TV]