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Let My People Go Left

Finally! A City Councilmember doing something to ease our worried minds. Councilman Rosendahl (11th District) introduced a motion to put some money towards figuring out a solution to the obscene lack of left turn signals in Los Angeles.

Making a left turn in Los Angeles has gone from hard to nearly impossible, from inconvenience to formidable challenge. Frustrations with too few left-turn arrows, or with arrows that seem to stay green for barely an instant, are emblematic of the traffic crisis that grips our City, and particularly the Westside. It robs us of time with our families. It makes us late for work. It eats away at our nerves and our happiness.

DOT has replied [PDF] to the Councilman that they will study the left turn riddle further, but can guarantee that the City will have to pony up $20,000 for each new left turn signal. But what cost to soothe our nerves??
· [PDF] Motion- 09/28/2005 [City of Los Angeles]