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Good Feng Shui: 1100 Wilshire

The LA Lofts Message Board fills us in on the pricing for 1100 Wilshire, currently in full loft conversion mode.

At the first hour, of the first day, of the first release.... I think the starting price was right around 620k on the 18th floor, add 18k per floor as you go up to the 30th floor. This was a very popular unit, the model on 29 was offered at around $1,070,000. furnished. The building is one of the wonders of Los Angeles architecture. It doesn't actually start until the 17th floor, since its constructed on a 16-level parking garage. It owes its peculiar alignment and shape to the Hong Kong developer who built the building in the 1980s. He adhered to feng shui principles in the building's design, hoping to bring great fortune to all those who worked in the office building. Unfortunately, he later went bankrupt and the building has never been more than 10 percent occupied. But still... feng shui, yeah!