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Garcetti Keeps His Word, Stops Silverlake Shortcutting

Councilman Garcetti has apparently kept his promise to curb the shortcutting through Silverlake neighborhoods that has driven residents absolutely batty. has an eyewitness account.

Today my favorite shortcut disappeared. I got off the 2 South at Glendale Blvd where I usually proceed through the intersection onto Waterloo then to Duane where I turn left at the dog park onto Silverlake Blvd. I know, the locals complained about the traffic so I should have seen this coming. The shortcut hasn't even been there that long, it wasn't really a viable option until the light at the corner of Duane and Silverlake Blvd. made it possible to do a left onto Silverlake. I'm sure that Eric Garcetti had something to do with this.

Garcetti's so far been successful at cutting down on graffitti and cut-throughs. Now let's see if he can stop our malicious littering.
· Cutting Down on Cutting Through [CD13 Blog]